Over the past decade, custom made wigs have been the talk of the town! There is no easier way to quickly change up a look & style than throwing on a new wig. Celebrities have made the trend increasingly popular with dramatic colors and lengths. From talk show hosts like Wendy Williams and music stars such as Nikki Minaj, custom made wigs are always in your face and here to stay.

Wigs are becoming like handbags, you look in a woman’s closed and there are now a collection of both! Wearing wigs for nights out on the town is something popular with all races, not just African American. Anyone can step into a new reality with a dramatic wig that gets a woman extra looks in the VIP line of a club. They can make you stand out from the crowd and just have fun.

Shopping for a custom made wig couldn’t be easier with a marketplace like Wig Market. This site allows stylists to create their own store and sell to customers all over the US. We like to think of it as the “Etsy” of wigs! There are all types of wigs to choose from. Others will just rely on their local stylist because they are close. We think a platform like Wig Market will really take off because it gives you access to stylists that you previously had difficulty finding.



Having the right person construct your wig can really change the experience. You want to make sure if you get a wig that has dramatic colors that the stylist is great with color and does not damage the hair. Starting off with great hair, such as hair from Brazilian Hair Sale, will also make the wig last longer and react better to color, styling and heat.

Popularity for custom made wigs will continue to grow as the availability for them continues to grow. There are many wig making classes and techniques stylists can learn to make better products. We are big fans of how Tamika Gibson over at The Hair Diagram constructs her wigs with a sewing machine. This looks to be an efficient and cost effective way of making wigs. Stylists that are interested in wigs should spend extra time weekly learning new crafts to perfect their technique. There is more information than ever on YouTube and other platforms that will allow them to create better wigs and offer more services.

With new ways to buy wigs, more stylists learning how to make them and the continual use by celebrities, custom made wigs are here to stay!




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